3 Stories From Who Discovered How To Get Rid Of Debts

When it comes to how to get rid of debt we have two things: people without knowing where to start and those who have creative ideas. Today we are going to show you some stories from people around the world who have found even unusual methods of getting out of the red and finding financial health.

And be aware that the latter may be right for you!


Couple build their own home to get rid of debt

Couple build their own home to get rid of debt

A couple living in the United States found themselves struggling financially and did not know how to continue paying the mortgage. Andrew and Gabriela Morrison then made a decision and built their own house. Yes, they built the house themselves.

On four wheels, the couple’s home has everything common houses usually have: kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom and even a small office. Moreover, they have not left out a good decoration, as we can see in the images.

For this venture the couple invested US $ 33,000 four months of construction. This is half of what you would usually spend on an apartment of the same size at your place of residence. That’s how they said goodbye to mortgage payments and got rid of debt.

Plus, they can now travel around the country without extra lodging expenses and without having to worry about forgetting something at home.


Open deal with $480

money loan

Another case of a debt person who managed to get around is the Brazilian Jeffrey Danos. With $ 300 to invest and $ 300,000 in accounts payable, he began his entrepreneurial life. The proof that the business worked is that in 2016 the company had revenues of approximately $ 20 million.

What is the business of Sundays? He opened Acai Villa Roxa, a store that started in the small town of Cambuí, Minas Gerais. He began his entrepreneurial history based on his own passion for acai. Danos negotiated his debts and started the business with the help of his girlfriend who contributed by investing $ 180 in the business.

He is an example of the story of a person who came out of debt in an unusual way.


Smartly Used Credit

Smart Credit

Another story of those who got out of debt is Jaqueline. She was lost in credit card debt and decided to use her personal loan wisely, allowing her debt to go down and get her out of the high interest rates she was paying.